Axens President Jean Sentenac hosting Turkish
On occasion of 28 November 2010 Axens dinner reception in Istanbul. Standing left-to-right: Jean-Claude Plumail (Axens), Taneri Özdemir (Tan Kimya), Gürol Acar (TÜPRAŞ), Bruno Domergue (Axens), Halim Neyzi (KEP International). Sitting left-to-right: Hasan Ali Karavacıoğlu (PETKİM), Jean Sentenac (Axens), Mehmet L. Özbilen (DAPRAŞ), Mr. and Mrs Halil Semerci (STAR)

 Axens and Tüpraş Refineries
On the occasion of the signature ceremony for four license agreements between Axens and Tüpraş Refineries From right to Left: Jean-Claude Plumail (Country sales manager for Axens), Jean Sentenac (President of Axens), Halim Neyzi (Axens in-country representative), Tüpraş general management office Körfez, Kocaeli, Turkey, 2002

 Konaktepe Hydro-electric Power plant contract
On the occasion of the signature ceremony for the Konaktepe Hydro-electric Power plant contract part of the U.S.-Turkish Joint Statement protocol for the development of hydro-electric power in Turkey: Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Zeki Çakan (Left) and U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham (Right), U.S. Secretary of Energy Auspices March 20th, 2002 Washington D.C.

 Prime Minister Özal and Halim Neyzi
On the occasion of Prime Minister Turgut ֖zal'’s visit to the Raytheon stand during the second International Defense Equipment and Avionics Exhibition IDEA 89 in Ankara, May 2nd, 1989 Front left, Raytheon Submarine Signal Division SQS-56 Sonar Program Development Manager: Dan Curran; center: Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Özal; front right: Raytheon in-country representative: Halim Neyzi; between Prime Minister Özal and Halim Neyzi, Raytheon Missile Systems Division Patriot Program Development Manager: Tom Peterson.

 PETKIM ,Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel
PETKIM Aliaga ground breaking ceremony with Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel

 Paul Getty visiting in Istanbul
Paul Getty visiting in Istanbul ,1964

 President Celal Bayar arriving to the Batman
Turkish President Celal Bayar arriving to the Batman refinery, 1955

 Title to 50 shares of T.P.A.O. owned by A.H. Neyzi
Title to 50 shares of T.P.A.O. owned by Ahmet H. Neyzi

 Presentation to President CelalBayar,BatmanRefiner
Presentation to President Celal Bayar,Batman Refinery 1954. Front row left to right: Ahmet H.Neyzi ,President Celal Bayar , Ralph M.Parsons

 President Celal Bayar, Ralph Parsons, Ahmet Neyzi,
Ralph Parsons greeting Turkish President Celal Bayar upon his Excellency’s arrival to Los Angeles. From left to right: President Celal Bayar, Ralph Parsons, Ahmet Neyzi, 1954

 De Havilland aircraft coming from England,1936
A ceremony at the Yeşilköy airport to welcome De Havilland aircraft coming from England,1936

 Representetive De Havilland
Taken from the inside of a State Air Ways (Devlet Hava Yolları) aircraft. front row left : Prime Minister İsmet İnönü. front row right : a representetive of De Havilland , behind him, Tevik Rüştü Aras and General Kazım Özalp.standing in the rear: Muzaffer Halim Neyzi,1936

 Muzaffer Halim
A picture of Muzaffer Halim during student years (1904) and one of his last ones (1962)